Marine Sector

Great challenges for the new generation of naval engines: multi-fuel operation, efficient combustion modes, low enviromental impact with high standard for pollutant and gas emissions.

Heavy Duty

Road transportation, off-road and agriculture sectors need green engines to sustainably produce and deliver everyday goods and services: low carbon and alternative fuels, high efficiency combustion modes, near-zero emissions after-treatment systems are part of the solution.

High Performance

High performance sport vehicles are not only exciting sound, breathtaking acceleration, extreme driving thrills. High performance nowadays is also synonyms of efficient and clean powertrain.

Power Generation

Distributed power production from biomass represents a significant source of renewable energy and an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emission: optimization of the engine design has a key role to push the efficiency of the system.

CFD Models for Green Engines

Our mission is to be technological bridge between University and Industry: we develop and deliver user-friendly software based on advanced CFD methodologies to design the green engines of the future.

Clean Combustion

Combustion simulations in IC engines requires dedicated models to accurately describe ignition, flame propagation and flame structure. Combustion models must be also fast and consistent to be incorporated in a design methodology. Moreover, a high quality structure must be adopted to prevent the effects of numerical diffusion and low-order numerical schemes. SURSUM-MI offers solutions for combustion simulations in IC engines, considering both conventional (spark-ignition and compression ignition) and advanced modes (dual-fuel, RCCI, HCCI, PCCI, SACI) including a detailed prediction of the ignition, flame propagation and flame structure.  Alternative fuels are supported and suitable approaches are available for the prediction of pollutant emissions (NOx, HC, CO, soot)

Efficient After-Treatment Systems

Near zero-emission is the target for the future engines. After-treatment systems will play a key role to reach this challenging objective: novel substrates, integrated heating solutions, novel catalyst formulations will be part of the future technology. SursumLib includes multi-scale CFD simulation framework which allows detailed simulations of the after-treatment system considering a multi-region enviroment (multiple physical domains: gas flow, substrates, solid walls), including catalytic reactions on the basis of a customized library. The particular solver formulation allows to simulate large time intervals, making it suitable for the study of the light-off process starting from cold start conditions. Morever, advanced spray and wall film models allows the full simulation of complex SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems.

Engine Hybridization

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Our Core Expertise

We have a solid expertise in the development and implementation of novel methodology for the simulation of key aspect of internal combustion engines.

Combustion models

Conventional combustion, advanced combustion modes, alternative fuels

Gas exchange

Full-cycle simulation of the gas exchange process in four stroke and two-stroke engines.

Fuel injection process

Spray models and wall film.

Novel substrates

Multi-scale simulation of novel substrates (open-cell foams, periodic open cellular structures).

ATS catalyst technology

Catalytic reaction simulation in a complex multi-domain framework.

SCR technology

Complete seto of spray and wall film models for the simulation of SCR systems.

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