1D Simulations

Gasdyn is developed in-house with a user friendly interface. Widely used by European and international industries.

3D-CFD Simulations

Proprietary know-how on development of 3D simulation codes with the LibICE, under the OpenFOAM® technology.

Taylored Made Software and Interfaces

Quick development and customization of simulations models.

Cloud, Trainings and Courses

Sursum-Mi cloud workstation. Remote support and customized remote training.

Why Sursum-Mi ?

High-fidelity, extensively validated solutions for design and simulation.


Sursum-Mi has proprietary know how on the development of 1D and 3D simulation codes Gasdyn and LibICE (Lib-ICE under the OpenFOAM® technology).

Development and Customizations

Quick development and customization of simulations models, with a fast reaction to industrial needs.

Technology Transfer

Bridging the gap between academia and industries with simulation methodologies based on advanced numerical models