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Sursum-Mi has consolidated experience in the use of OpenFOAM for different industrial applications (propulsion, cooling systems, HVAC, manufacturing, fluid machines).

Sursum-Mi offers customized solutions for companies interested in a simple and effective use of the OpenFOAM technology for CFD assisted design and analysis. Depending on the company needs, solutions include:

  • Basic OpenFOAM Training
  • Advanced OpenFOAM Training
  • Customized OpenFOAM Training
  • Customized simulation workflows based on the OpenFOAM technology

All trainings are delivered on site or remotely.

Basic OpenFOAM training (2 days):

  • OpenFOAM overview
  • Mesh generation overview
  • Incompressible flow simulations
  • Post-processing

Advanced OpenFOAM training (2 days):

  • Mesh generation andpre-processing 
  • Modeling flows in porous media and moving components 
  • Conjugated heat transfer 
  • Post-processing in depth

Customized OpenFOAM training:

  • Basics OpenFOAM
  • Training on cases prepared by Sursum-Mi based on company requirements:
    • Dedicated mesh generation
    • Case setup for stable and accurate simulations
    • Dedicated post-processing

Customized OpenFOAM simulation workflows:

  • completely customized solutions for the effective use of OpenFOAM in the context of CAE design and analysis activities:pre-processing scripts/graphical interfaces, to simplify the case setup
  • high quality mesh generation procedures with reduced computational costs and simplified user setup
  • graphical interfaces/scripts for effective analysis and validation of results
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